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Quality Assurance

Cold Chain Management

truck-backMaintaining the temperature of fresh produce soon after picking not only helps extend the shelf life of the fresh product, but reduces quality degradation and the risk of food safety challenges. At D’Arrigo New York we employ industry best practices to ensure food safety compliance and proper refrigeration standards.

Maintaining a cold chain, and keeping fresh produce held at a given temperature from the time of harvest to the time of consumption is something we take very seriously. Routine monitoring and documentation of the temperature of refrigerated areas is the only way to make sure that the cold chain has been maintained. Our company aggressively monitors temperature and quality, thus ensuring our customers get the very best, fresh produce available on the wholesale market.

Food Safety

ca-az-leafy1Our food safety programs, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and GMP’s, have been developed based on Federal, State and local government agencies requirements and guidance.

The products we sell are grown by high quality and socially responsible farming companies around the globe. The vast majority of our fresh produce is field-packed within seconds of harvest, directly into the final package, to avoid multiple handlings that could damage or contaminate.

Our suppliers are members of organizations such as the California and Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreements (LGMA), confirming that their operations are regularly audited for food safety practices by the California and Arizona Departments of Food and Agriculture. We are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified. In addition, we have our operations audited by non-government third party companies to ensure the safest products humanly possible.

Enjoy your fresh fruits and vegetables from D’Arrigo Brother’s Company and remember to follow FDA and USDA guidelines and recommendations to wash your product before preparing a meal. For more information visit;

Social Responsibility

seedsAn integrated system of practices that cares for people’s food and fiber needs, enhances the environment, makes efficient use of nonrenewable resources, sustains the economic viability of farms and enhances the quality of life for all.

D’Arrigo New York has been a responsible steward since 1920. We understand that what we are able to produce from the land is a direct result of how well we treat this precious asset. We will continue to champion solutions for tomorrow’s safe, accessible and nutritious food through our sustainable efforts. Together with our sister companies in California, New York and Massachusetts we are committed making efficient use of non-renewable resources, sustaining the economic viability of the agricultural sector, preserving family farming as a way of life and enhancing the environment and quality of life for all.

Our company is conscientiously making an effort to reduce food waste by supplying only superior quality fresh produce. We regularly donate product to local food bank organizations of left-over, healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables to serve those in need.

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